Gaver Belvedere


Gaver Belvedere


  • Exposition: South
  • Recommended season:Summer
  • Rock type:Granite, little rounded holes and adherence passages on resting and vertical plate
  • Protection:Bolts are not very close, especially on easy routes

The crag was bolted between the '80s and the middle of the '90s by the bolters Gianzeno Marca, Matteo Rivadossi, and Giuliano De Giacomi.

The crag comes as a stunning granite slab, located in a beautiful landscape as it's Piana del Gaver.

Grades go from 4th to 7th, but in our opinion, the best grade is 6b. Some routes of low grade could have a long distance between one bolt and the other; that's why they are not highly recommendable for beginners.

Given this, for granite lovers, fun is guaranteed.

Reporter: Davide Franzoni


Reach Locanda Gaver, situated in the homonymous location, Piana del Gaver.

Cross the restaurant Locanda Gaver and continue more or less 100 meters, then park the car just before the shelter Nikolajewka, without crossing the bridge.

Cross walking the bridge near a hut, and follow a little mule path that turns right. After a few dozens of meters, pass through the field, staying on the side of the mountain (the path is not clearly visible at the beginning). Pay attention to the sign "Palestra di Roccia" at the beginning of the uphill path.

After 10 minutes of walking along the path, you reach a group of fir trees, where it's visible a little arrow signaling to turn right, slightly downhill. Finally, after a couple of minutes, you get to the crag.



1 Doppia riga 6c 85 m

Per L3 andare dritti sopra la sosta di L2. Per L4 traversare a sinistra dalla sosta di L2 fino a una cengia.

L1: 6c 30 m
L2: 6a 25 m
L3: 4c 15 m
L4: 4b 15 m
2 Bear free 6b+/6c 15 m
3 Crosta 6b 28 m
4 1v 6a 10 m
5 Ulli giulli 6a+ 45 m
L1: 5c 15 m
L2: 6a+ 30 m
6 Peppa pig 5c 25 m

Parte dalla prima sosta di Ulli giulli

7 Moon wave 7b 37 m

Necessaria corda da 80m

8 Lupin 6a+ 28 m
9 Woda 6a 30 m
10 Bestcia 6a+ 13 m
11 Spit lorcio 6a+ 32 m

Parte dalla prima sosta di Bestcia

12 Animala 6a 13 m
13 Zanzara violenta 6b+ 20 m
14 Tarantella 6c 20 m
15 Draculo 6c+ 20 m
16 Paolo 1 7b 18 m
17 Paolo 2 7c+ 25 m
18 Paolo 3 6c 25 m
19 TNT 6a+ 18 m
20 Lacrime di cane 6a 22 m
21 L'orecchia dell'orca 6b 22 m
22 Sine nomine 6a+ 22 m
23 Adamello, land of legends 7a+ (6b/A1) 65 m
L1: 7a+ (6b/A1) 15 m
L2: 5c 30 m
L3: 5a 20 m
24 Niagara wall 6a+/6b 25 m
25 Patapum 6b 25 m
26 Visitors 5c 25 m
27 Gaverina 5a/5b 35 m

Partenza in comune con Visitors, prima sosta su golfaro sulla cengia a destra

L1: 5a/5b 10 m
L2: 5a/5b 25 m
28 Para un brufolo en menos 6a+/6b 30 m

Partenza sulla cengia, a destra della prima sosta di Gaverina